LinkedIn Training and Consulting

Expand your network.  Attract new customers.

Find a new job.  Establish your brand.


If you want to stand out from the crowd, be found in search, and attract the right people you need to improve your visibility on LinkedIn.

As you know, people use Google to find you or your company. When they do, the link to your LinkedIn profile shows in the top of the search results.  First impressions count. You want your LinkedIn profile to look professional and stand out.

To leverage the power of LinkedIn you need:

  1. An optimized personal profile
  2. A quality network of connections
  3. A strategy for engaging and providing value to your network

Sue Gresham, founder of ICS is your LinkedIn Training & Consulting Expert

ICS offers you:

  • Customized Coaching & Training for Individuals and Groups
  • Personal Profile Writing & Optimization
  • LinkedIn Training & Strategy for Job Seekers
  • Corporate Training
  • Strategy Design & Implementation
  • Group Workshops


“Making LinkedIn Simple to Develop, Nurture & Maintain Relationships”